Chisinau road crash: Porsche driver had 43 official contravention reports previously for irregularities during 2010-2018

The driver of Porsche car which rammed into trolleybus on Monday on Alba Iulia st. had 43 official reports for various traffic contraventions during 2010-2018.  

She was found without driving license yesterday after provoking the accident in Chisinau which killed a man and injured 25 others. 

From 43 irregularities she committed, there are: 

8 cases driving without seat-belt; 

4 cases provoking road accident; 

2 cases being deprived of the right to drive; 

2 cases exceeding the speed limit; 

2 cases causing accidents without lawsuit; 

2 cases drunk driving; 

2 cases driving the vehicle without tech inspection; 

1 case running away the road accident scene;

At the same time, she was sanctioned for phone calls while driving and without driving license. 

She was injured as a result of accident on Monday and is under an extremely grave situation in intensive care unit now. 


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