Chisinau residents welcome City Hall initiative to purchase second-hand buses

Chisinau authorities will purchase until the end of 2016 50 second-hand buses. The mayor Dorin Chirtoaca signed a disposal of organizing a tender for naming the company who will deliver the vehicles.

The price of a bus will be approximately 30,000 euro.

The bus No. 26 has the route from Alba Iulia street to Doina street in Chisinau. The transport means are too damaged to stay on the route.

According to the authorities, the majority of the buses going on Chisinau streets have the period of exploitation overpassed by two times.

The passengers are welcoming the authorities' initiative, even though the buses to be purchased are not new.

The purchase will be carried out from the money of the Municipal enterprise "Buses Urban Park". The transport means will be purchased in leasing, with a first rate of 30% of the price.




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