Chisinau residents have received free medical consultations

Consulting and express tests for the detection of cardiovascular disease were offered today for free to city residents in Chisinau.

Those interested were able to measure their blood pressure, cholesterol levels and even do an electrocardiogram.

"It is painful procedure. Dieters and drink a pill in case of a voltage in case something and ready."

Alexei Bocancea is 65-year-old, more than five years has been monitored by the cardiologist.

He did not want to miss the opportunity of a routine check.

Doctors urges people to practice sports for a health heart.

Guided by coaches, people have made a promenade around the lake in the park.

The event was organized by the Public Health Centre in Chisinau on the World Heart Day.

According to the Ministry of Health, almost 23 thousand people died last year from cardiovascular disease and the figure is growing annually.

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