Chisinau parents outraged after a teacher yelled, insulted and threatened her 1st class pupils: I'll smite you, beat you if you don't understand! (audio)

Citizens of Chisinau get outraged after listening an audio in which a teacher of Socrate High school in Chisinau shouted, insulted and threatened her 1st class pupils. She submitted her request for resignation when father of one of these children published that audio which got viral on Internet. 

The school's ethics committee is examining the case. 

Many parents of that class decided to record a day of activities in class by a smartwatch. 

In that 10-minute audio, she shouts, insults the pupils and doesn't seem to be tired. When someone noticed the child crying, she reacted hysterically. 

The child's father said he observed the changes in his child's behavior since attending the class. He decided to find out what's going on in the class. 

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