Chisinau Municipality plans to purchase 100 new buses in 2020

Chisinau Mayor Ion Ceban presented today to the municipal councilors the package of documents for the purchase of a lot of 100 buses, which will be assembled in Chisinau, to completely renew the stock of the IM. "Urban Bus Park" and respectively, to improve the quality of public passenger transport services.

Ion Ceban mentioned that the lot would be purchased from the bus factory in Belarus, as their units meet the technical conditions required by the municipality (German manufacturing engine, automatic gearbox, low floor, modern facilities, etc.) and the prices 
are the most competitive on the international market (about 120 thousand Euro).

The VAT-free price will be 7-10% lower than the factory sale price. 

Ion Ceban asked the local elected officials to examine the package of documents and make proposals. According to the mayor, after obtaining the agreement from the CMC and carrying out all the procurement procedures, the first buses could arrive in Moldova in June, 2020.

The initiative of the mayor comes in the context of the provisions of the Transport Strategy of Chisinau municipality, approved in 2014.

Currently, the Urban Bus Park has 143 transport units, with an average age of about 14 years, (taking into account the 30 new units purchased in 2019)



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