Chisinau might be left without water supply because of low water level in Dniester river

Danger in Chisinau water supply. According to representatives of “Apa Canal Chisinau”, as a result of hydrological drought of the last period,today was registered a critical water level of 8.4 meters in Dniester river.

At the registration of a water level lower than 8.4 meters at Nistru water inlet, the pumps enter a cavitation regime, stopping the activity of the inlet. The consequences might be catastrophic, the danger in water supply affecting not only Chisinau citizens, but also other localities where the main supply source is Dniester river.

During 2016, the water level from the river has registered an average level of less than nine meters. According to the provisions of the project Surface water inlets on Dniester river No.1525-П3, 1st volume from 1986, for the functioning of the station in normal regime, the water level in Dniester river in the section of the scoop of water inlet has to be at least 9.1 meters.

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