Chisinau local ballots: How election tickets look like

Totally over 750,000 pieces and the largest bulletin - over 34 centimeters, will be printed at the Central Printing House for Capital election on 20 May. 

The process is carefully monitored by representatives of the Central Electoral Commission and the Intelligence and Security Service so that no deviation is allowed.

The printing process begins with the mold making. The ballot papers for the Balti and Chisinau municipalities will be purple, and for the other localities - pink.

The most expensive is the Capital Bulletin. One piece costs 0.28 bani, four bani more than the rest.

Once printed, the bulletins are carefully checked so that all safety rules are respected.

"We will use more than 14 signs of protection. We have identified the amount and paid over 211 thousand lei", said the chairman of the Central Electoral Commission, Alina Russu.

All the bulletins will be printed for five days. Over 474,000 pieces will be in Romanian, and the rest in Russian.

"The number of employees has been lifted until  30 people," said Dinu Solocovici, director of the State Enterprise Central Printing House.

On May 20, more than 750,000 citizens are expected to vote. New elections will be held in Chisinau, Balti and other five localities in the country. 

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