Chisinau is in no rush to dismiss Mayor Dorin Chirtoacă

Citizens of the Capital are in no rush to participate at the referendum meant to sack Mayor Dorin Chirtoacă.

Some say they wish no part of this political games, or that they have other things to do on this day:

"-No. -Why? I have no desire to, we're going shopping."

"Will you vote? -I don't want any part of it. No. I do not wish to be part of this politic game."

Though those who did vote hope it will lead to a cleaner city with better conditions:

"I voted for a clean city, so that I will not be ashamed to look outside from my window."

"What do you wish to change? -Everything. The roads, the hospitals, the laws."

"I want a proper city. He should have been sacked long ago."

At the moment Chisinau has 307 polling stations and over 630 thousand printed ballots. The referendum to dismiss Dorin Chirtoacă was organized at the wish of the Socialist Party. Along PSRM, Liberal Party has also participated in the electoral campaign urging citizens to stay at home on that day.

Many parties have declared that they will not participate in the referendum. Among them counts Democratic Party of Moldova,  Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova, Party of Action and Solidarity.

PPEM and Dignity and Truth Platform Party told their members to decide by themselves if they wish to participate.

Dorin Chirtoacă is investigated for corruption in a case of paid parking lots. In another file, he is suspected of having gone out of his jurisdiction.

Dorin Chirtoacă is the Mayor of Chisinau for the past nine years. His mandate expires in 2019.

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