Chisinau is gaining colors. New artwork appeared on a building from Botanica

Chisinau is gaining colors. More and more pieces of art are starting to cover the streets. The latest one was made on an apartment blocks from Botanica. It is stretched on 44 square meters and tell the tell of "The Old Man's Daughter and the Old Woman's Daughter" by Ion Creangă. 

Authors wish for the whole wall to tell the story.

"Even children took part in the process. It took us 10 days to finish and luckily there was no rain" artist Radu Dumbrava said.

Radu Dumbrava is also the author of the painting of Decebal that can be found on the street bearing his name. Called "The Wall of Glory", the piece was revealed on the Independence Day.

"The work of Decebal was huge and it took a team of 3 people 14 days to finish. It also has a deep message: The world knows it has the power needed to walk ahead with dignity", the artist explained.

Recently, the building of Universul publishing company from the Capital has gained upon it the image of a child.

"It represents a child that has thorn down a piece of the Soviet wall and behind it, he saw the universe. Usually such works: solely the sketches and paints costs around 3 thousand euro" Manager of UnArtOraş ("The City of Arts") project,Tatiana Chivriga said.

Citizens of the Capital also appreciate the view:

"It is beautiful. I enjoy glancing at it every time I come by."

The work was made by a group of volunteers from UnArtOraş ("The City of Arts"). They have also painted a chained Gulliver on the walls of Dinamo stadium, as well as other animated characters.

People are impressed:

"I can see some characters from my childhood, such as: Garfield, Micky Mouse."

"Yes I love it. It is beautiful."

"I said that we should take pictures and show those from Bucharest, to show what talented and creative people live here."

"I slept here, there were some homeless people who tried to steal our paint and we fought. Police officers, children and people from the street, we allowed them all to use the paint and contribute to the art" Tatiana Chivriga said.

The Capital's heart became even more beautiful after the installation of a new sculpture on 31 August Street.

This year, for City Day, on the pedestrian street appeared a monument of two lovers.

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