Chişinău is being cleaned up. City Hall ordered for streets to be cleaned

Chişinău is being cleaned up. Municipal authorities begun cleaning the mud off the roads after the snow melted.

This morning 10 vehicles left Exdrupo and begun washing the main streets of the city. Tomorrow, they will begin sweeping them.

Before getting on the road, some drivers encountered a headache.

"The cars are old and have issues themselves. It is 30-year-old."

Employees begun cleaning the dirtiest roads where the markings were not visible.

"We cleaned a street from the center to the right. It took 6 tons of water. That is how much we use for a street, or half a street, depending on our speed."

The vehicles could be seen in all sectors. Employees clean the Moscova, Mircea cel Bătrân, Negruzzi and Dacia boulevards, as well as Calea Ieșilor, Mihai Viteazul, Ciuflea, Petricani, Alecu Russo and Ismail streets. Citizens of the Capital appreciated the act and requested for streets to be cleaned more often.

"It would be great, the streets would look more like they do in Europe."

"I am pleased that they are cleaning them."

"Of course it is wonderful, it used to be like that back in the Soviet Union. The streets would be cleaned each day at 5 am."

"It is a good thing both for the pedestrians and drivers. We hope more such actions will be taken."

According to the City Hall, the roads will also be cleaned tomorrow.

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