Chisinau hosted first ever Robot Combat Tournament

Fighters without fear and regret. The First Robot Fighting Championship was organized in Chisinau.

Battles between robots are based on sumo rules, considered Japan's sport. Opponents must eliminated each other on the field and the winner is declared the one with to two wins. The tournament is first organized into groups, after strongest go into the play-off. Each participant must meet certain standards.

In total, 64 teams from all over the country participated.

"The most important part is the batteries and the motors, followed by the transmitters for orientation in space and other details," Florin Cazac, principal referee, said.

As in any other sport, the strategy is essential.

For most participants, robot battles are just a hobby and a way to improve their knowledge in math and programming. But there are also those who dream of working in robotic.

"I would like to make a multifunctional robot that can do almost everything, such as reading books and then it will tell a summary. This is what I wish to do. -I would like to build a robot that can imitate all movements of a man" participant Cristian Balan said.

The winners left with prizes and diplomas.

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