Chisinau District Court magistrates to examine appeals made by Veaceslav Platon's lawyers

The magistrates of the Chisinau District Court will examine today some of the appeals made by Veaceslav Platon's lawyers. They complained about the conditions of the jail cell where Platon is held and requested his extradition as demanded by the Ukrainian prosecutor general. 

Kiev's prosecutor general requested to extradite Veaceslav Platon back to Ukraine. 

According to a document published in the press, the extradition procedures of Veaceslav Platon from Ukraine to Moldova in 2016 were violated and the investigation must return to the initial phase.

Businessman Veaceslav Platon was sent to 18 years in jail for money-laundering and fraud linked to the disappearance of $1 billion from Moldova’s banking system. He got another 12 years behind bars in the second criminal case started against him over active corruption and swindle attempt.

He also risks another ten years in jail for the manufacture and circulation of fake bank cards.

In November, a Kiev court overturned the extradition decision in Moldova, issued in August 2016. Accordingly, Platon should be allowed to return to Ukraine and all the court decisions issued against him should be annulled

On, lawyer Ștefan Gligor, an international law expert, said the annulment of Ukrainian court on Platon's extradition does not change the Moldovan court's judgement. As Platon was convicted as a Moldovan citizen and he would continue to serve his sentence regardless of the legality of his extradition. 

The portal writes that the Kiev court's decision just reinforced the fact that Platon's money eventually bears fruit. Journalists recall that previously former deputy head of the CNA's Money Laundering and Prevention Service, Mihail Gofman, stated that Platon had exchanged $ 10 million with the former government for his release. The first step in this respect was the illegality of his extradition declared by the Kiev court. 

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