Chisinau court suspends ANRE Order to raise prices

Chişinău Court suspended the ANRE Order to raise prices for gasoline and diesel until an irrevocable decision is issued.

The Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure and the Agency for Consumer Protection and Market Surveillance today filed an additional application by which they challenged the order no. 66th dated 10.07.2018, issued by the National Agency for Energy Regulation, which foresees the increase of the price ceiling for fuels (39 bani per liter of gasoline and 25 bani per liter of diesel).

At the same time, it was requested to suspend it until an irrevocable judgment was issued in the civil case filed against the petition for legal action filed on 12.06.2018. Thus, by order of the Chisinau Court of Appeal (Buiucani headquarters) dated 10.07.2018, order no. 66th of 10.07.2018 was suspended. 

Considering the request to sue corresponds to the legal requirements regarding the requirements submitted to the applicant when filing it in the court, as well as the fact that, in the given case, there are sufficient grounds for the suspension of the contested act, the court decided to grant the application for measures to secure the action by ordering the suspension of the contested administrative act.

"The rejection of the applicants' request by not applying the required insurance measures, with the suspension of the execution of the contested administrative act, would undoubtedly contradict the socio-economic interests of the society and its members, including the final consumers", says the Chisinau Court of Appeal Buiucani).

The execution of the Chişinău Court of Appeal (Buiucani headquarters) is immediately enforced, but it can be appealed to the Chişinău Court of Appeal within 15 days of the communication.

PUBLIKA.MD reminds that the National Regulatory Agency for Energy has today set the new ceiling prices for the next two weeks.

Thus, for a liter of gasoline, drivers will pay 19.49 lei, up 39 bani. A liter of diesel will be sold with 17.25 lei, up 25 bani. 

ANRE calculations made public show that prices have risen due to the rise in the price of the stock over the past two weeks. At the end of May, ANRE increased the price of one liter of gasoline up to 19. 79 lei and diesel - 17. 75 lei.

The Ministry of Economy and the Consumer Protection Agency, however, have asked the court to cancel the order, arguing that the decision is illegal and not subject to public consultations. Prime Minister Pavel Filip has asked ANRE for more transparency in the pricing.

The government has encouraged the institution to communicate with the public as openly as possible on this issue.

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