Chisinau City Hall will recover all money spent to purchase and transport the Christmas Tree from Ukraine

The over 28 thousand lei spend to purchase and transport the Christmas tree from Ukraine will be recovered.

The announcement was made by interim Mayor of the Capital, Silvia Radu, during a meeting from this morning.

According to her, representatives from the City Hall wrote a message to the Ukrainian Company, responsible for the delivery and requested reimbursement. In their turn, the company confessed that they have not respected all terms from the contract and that the City Hall will receive back all the spent money.

"Members of the commission have contacted the company and informed them, in written form, of all the complaints the City Hall of Chisinau has. We have a letter, where the company confirms. One that I can read you. Confirming that it has not completed the terms and guaranteeing that all the money spend on the Christmas tree will be given back in the set deadline" Silvia Radu said.

Interim Mayor has also mentioned that all future contracts that will be signed by the responsible from the City Hall, will include penalties for disrespecting the terms.

The Christmas Tree which came from Ukraine arrived destroyed. Due to this, the City Hall had urgently cut down another tree. The previous one costed the City Hall 15 thousand lei, while its transportation 13 thousand 456 lei.

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