Chisinau City Hall might undergo reforms, to make its activity more efficient

An internal audit report, presented to Silvia Radu, concluded that the activity of many departments and municipal enterprises overlap, while the administrative process implicates too many people. The Interim Mayor declared that at least 4 directorates will be optimized, in order to make the City Hall's activity more efficient.

According to the internal audit report, the City Hall has 18 structural subdivisions, 14 directorates and 5 praetoriums. Silvia Radu announced that Agriculture, Socioecology or Culture directorate might be optimized.

"There are separate judicial institutions. Each of them has a separate chief accountant and human resources, the whole structure is loaded and the tasks overlap, something unreal for public administration" Interim Mayor of the Capital, Silvia Radu said.

Even chief of the Internal Audit department, Roman Vitiuc confessed that there are too many gaps in the City Hall which must be removed.

"There are cases when such regulations were approved before 2000. Even the deadlines were overdue, some normative acts are still used despite no longer begin valid, regulations using them as reference" Roman Vitiuc said.

Silvia Radu declared her intention for an administrative and municipal enterprises reform.

At the moment, Chisinau City Hall and the Municipal Council have 95 economic entities, among whom counts municipal enterprises, 33 of which are no longer capable of paying off their debts.

Silvia Radu expressed her displeasure toward the way they activate.

"We have an enterprise responsible for dumpsters. If the waste fell down, the enterprise collecting this waste is no longer responsible for what in lying on the ground. If the waste fell on pavement, one enterprise is responsible for it, but if it fell on the road, a completely different one" Interim Mayor of the Capital, Silvia Radu said.

At the next meeting of the Municipal Council, authorities will decide if they wish to approve changes forwarded by Chisinau City Hall.

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