Chisinau City Hall endorsed an action plan to protect people during the high-temperature season

Chisinau City Hall informs that the municipal authorities approved an action plan to protect the people during the high-temperature season of the 2019 summer season, as the heat is a risk factor for the economic and social activities.

In the period with hot temperatures, the municipal subdivisions, jointly with the Chisinau Municipal Public Health Center and the Municipal Food Safety Directorate, will ensure to monitor the goods quality in the market; observe the children's camp activities; monitor swimming pools, drinking water; etc. 

General recommendations for people during the high temperature period are

  • consumption of 2 liters of water per day, avoiding alcoholic beverages and carbonated sweet drinks;
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables consumption;
  • reducing the intensity of daytime physical effort, protecting the skin under sunshine;
  • wearing light colored clothes, natural fibers, avoiding bathing in standing water basins, etc.


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