Chisinau Cathedral panicked after false bomb alert sent by 10-year-old boy

A boy called the urgent number 902 last night, informing the police that a bomb was placed in the Cathedral of Christ's Nativity in Chisinau.  

"A group of the Buiucani Police Inspectorate, the Operational Reacting Battalion and the geniuses immediately moved to the scene", said Natalia Stati, press officer of DP Chisinau.

There were dozens of believers inside the cathedral at that moment. According to the Moldovan Metropolitan's spokesman Vadim Cheibaş, everybody was evacuated and the area was encircled. 

The police have carefully checked the whole building, but they did not find any suspicious object.

Meanwhile, the law people identified the informer, a 10-year-old minor from Batâr village, Cimişlia district. 

His parents will be fined for his false bomb alert. 

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