Chisinau becomes junkyard of abandoned cars

Chisinau becomes a junk shop of abandoned cars. 

For long time, lots of people have abandoned their cars, parking on city streets, the number increases gradually. 

It seems unimportant at all at first glance, however, over time, the city is ugly decorated with these bad images. 

Other owners drive their car directly to the garbage, leaving the problem to the tenants and no more return. 

Sector of petition, currently lack the document permitting them to evacuate those used cars. 

In fact, in Romania, these owners could get a fine from 1,000 RON till 2,000 RON.

Voluntary surrender of used cars and the purchase of new green cars is backed by government in the form of ecobonus, amounting to 10,000 euros, for the purchase of 100% electric models and 4,400 Euros for hybrid propulsion engines.

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