Chisinau allocates 1.9 million lei for pay rise in kindergartens

Chisinau Municipal Council is allocating 1.9 million lei for salary increase provided for employees of kindergartens until the end of this year. 

Dish washer, nurses, auxiliary employees are stated in the categories of this time's salary rise.

In total, 848 employees will receive salary increase of 50%, the highest raise, 671 lei, will be provided to medical assistants who usually get salary of 1300 lei. 

For the other categories of employees, the bonuses range from 500 to 580 lei. Local elected officials say the decision is meant to persuade people to continue working in the system.

Earlier, the City Council has allocated 3.5 million lei to provide 1600 bonuses for chefs, chef assistants, babysisters and educator assistants.


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