Chirtoaca replies to socialists: the one who should dismiss is Dodon

The former mayor, Dorin Chirtoaca asked for the third time to challenge  the attorney Alexandru Negru. His lawyers made the request based on a labor conflict, but it was rejected.

The attorney considered it invalid. Thus, the session was leaded by the same attorney, the decision was not taken.

''The ones who started this game should dismiss, not me. Firstly, Igor Dodon who is always abroad, he is the one who convened the referendum. Why doesn't he go and convince people to come to the referendum? Or they are conscious that they will lose and now they want to hide. They send Ion Ceban to act like at circus, to appeal the Constitutional Court according to the new interim, even if they named Silvia Radu in this funciton'', said Dorin Chirtoaca, the mayor of the Capital.

Thus, the session that should have taken the decision about the preventive arrest of Dorin Chirtoaca was leaded by the same attorney, Alexandru Negru.

At the lawyer's request, based on health problems, the final decision was postponed till the Friday session. The term of house arrest expires on November 11.

Chirtoaca is under arrest for a half of a year. He is suspected on passive corruption and traffic of influence. He rejects all the accusations.



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