Chiril Gaburici: We are in desperate need of a reform in business field

"The pro-business reform is very important for the affairs surrounding from Moldova. The economic agents have never ask more support for their activity than now. This is why, we reduced the number of required documents, we launched the unique counter. As a result, we have these laws that will permit the business environment to develop", said Chiril Gaburici, the minister of Economy and Infrastructure at the session of Small and Medium companies where he analyzed the fiscal modifications promoted by the Government.

The representatives of the small and medium business were informed about the main modifications. Among these, it has been mentioned the procedure to Among these, it was mentioned that the procedure for lifting documents, objects, data storage devices or information systems in the original would be an exception only in cases where it does not inevitably stop the economic activity of the person; liability has been introduced for officials if they do not release or refuse unenforceable release of permissive documents; the tax evasion will be considered a criminal offense if its value amounts to more than 300 thousand lei; the on-the-spot control of control bodies shall be carried out only after the documentary check has been carried out at the control body's office and this control is not sufficient; the arrest measure, as a preventive measure, will be applied only for the offenses for which the Penal Code provides for the application of the punishment in the form of the deprivation of liberty for three years or more, or if the person has not recognized his guilt, the reduction of the income tax for persons from 18% to 12% by establishing a single rate; reducing the employer's contribution to the State Social Insurance Budget from 23% to 18% (refers only to the corporate sector); doubling the personal exemption, from 11,280 lei to 24,000 lei.

Within the dialogue, Chiril Gaburici, the minister of Economy and Infrastructure and Ion Chicu, the general state secretary of finances replied to the questions of businessmen. The minister reiterated the necessity of an efficient communication with the small and medium companies, that are a way to develop the national economy. Also, Iulia Costin, the general state secretary of MEI presented the supporting programs of the state for women and young entrepreneurs who want to launch and develop affairs in Moldova.

The minister thanked the economy agencies for involvement and encouraged them to come up with proposals to develop the small and medium business from Moldova.

"I know how it is to build an affair in Moldova. I want that when I will no longer be minister to know that I have done my best for the people who grow and build the economy of this country. We are open and accept proposals for improving the business environment and economic policies. Our goal for all is a better life in the Republic of Moldova, with jobs, wages and good pensions", said Chiril Gaburici.

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