Chiril Gaburici visited Termoelectrica: We have to ensure daily comfort to citizens with quality heating services

Minister of Economy and Infrastructure, Mr. Chiril Gaburici, took a working visit to SA "Termoelectrica" to inspect how well the heat supply system in Chisinau is prepared for the cold season.

Chiril Gaburici discussed with management and employees about the possibility of improving the quality of district heating services.

"We have to ensure the day-to-day comfort of citizens with quality heating services. I am glad to find a team of professionals, united, with a dedicated leader who takes care of the services being provided qualitatively and find that Termoelectrica is ready year round "It is important to avoid unpredictable situations, thus guaranteeing the delivery of thermal energy under normal conditions", said Minister Chiril Gaburici.

According to the data, 16 Pumping Stations are currently being pumped - about 4,024 objects are connected to the centralized heat supply system, of which 2,694 are dwelling blocks, and the preset temperature of the heating medium corresponds to the approved schedule - 95 / 55 degrees Celsius. All consumers of Termoelectrica SA, including in the suburban area, are provided with thermal agent at predefined parameters.

"In the summer of 2018 we worked a lot to be ready for the needs of consumers in the cold period. This year we have modernized over 16 km of thermal pipes and isolated 18 km of overhead thermal pipes, double the previous year. the improvement of the capacity to produce electric and thermal energy in cogeneration mode and to maintain the maintenance of the Central Power Station (CET) Source I and West VT", said Veaceslav Eni, general manager of Termoelectrica.

Among the actions to improve and modernize the centralized heat supply system include the replacement of more than 230 heat meters in residential blocks and more than 1,700 domestic hot water meters; implementation of the back-to-back system for the supply of thermal energy in the Buiucani sector, which allows the hot water and heat supply of this area to be supplied non-stop.

Also, Pumping Station no. 5 in the Botanica sector, which provides the supply of heating energy for heating and domestic hot water for more than 30,000 inhabitants in the southern area of Chisinau.

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