Chiril Gaburici to CNA raids: Citizens shouldn't suffer from detention of ANTA inspectors

As a result of the searches of NNA officers and prosecutors, which involve several ANTA inspectors and an employee of the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure, Minister Chiril Gaburici said that citizens should not suffer from the detention of ANTA inspectors.

"We want citizens and transporters not to suffer from the detention of inspectors of the National Car Transport Agency. Last week I asked ANTA collaborators to come up with concrete and immediate measures to improve the situation in the transport field, especially the activity of transporters and services provided to travelers, "said Chiril Gaburici.

The Minister asked the ANTA officials to ensure the functioning of the institution and the measures set up a week ago to be carried out as a matter of priority.

Last week, during a meeting with ANTA employees, Minister Chiril Gaburici asked them to travel with public transport, to feel the transport problems on their own and to come up with immediate measures to solve them.

In this respect, there is a wide-ranging control of passengers transport operators on regular course.

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