Chiril Gaburici: Results of international contests prove that our producers make good wine

"I am happy that the Moldovan wine is more appreciated by the international community from year to year. I wish all the Moldovan wines was appreciated abroad. The results of the international contests prove that every time our wine producers have good results abroad." This affirmation was made by Chiril Gaburici in the context of Galicja Vitis contest that took place in Poland.

The wine of Moldova brand unites the Moldovan wine makers. It gathered 34 medals - one grand gold, 26 gold and 7 silver ones.

At Galicja Vitis international contest, our country was represented by 29 wine makers who attended over 100 wine brands.

Also, Chiril Gaburici added:" The wine field is very important for improving the tourism in Moldova. Each of us could become the ambassador of this brand."

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