Chiril Gaburici: New condominium law will make exploitation more efficient and maintenance of housing stock throughout country

Government has today approved the condominium bill. "The conditions that required the drafting of the bill are that the current law, the purpose of which is the regulation of the relations in the housing sector, especially the property relations within the condominium, has proven to be overcome in time and ineffective from many points of view , including because it applies only to residential blocks and apartment owners, but not to other owners of isolated premises within multi-flats buildings. The new condominium law will create a more efficient and adequate economic and social environment for the exploitation and maintenance of the housing stock throughout the country", said Economy and Infrastructure Minister Chiril Gaburici at the Government meeting.

Chiril Gaburici mentioned that the mandatory registration of the common share ownership right on common goods in the condominium, the mandatory establishment of the Condominium Repair and Development Fund and the mandatory financial contribution of the owners of the units to its establishment, transparent means of the Fund, as well as other financial resources of the association - will motivate the owners of the units to manage their properties as efficiently as possible, including common spaces in the condominium.

The implementation of the new Law on the condominium will also have an impact on the comfort of the apartments. With the state registration of the condominium, the association of condominium owners, joint ownership of common spaces, the effective administration of the financial resources of the Repairs and Development Fund and the imposition of mandatory payments on the establishment of this Fund, the financial resources will be more accessible to be used to improve the thermal and acoustic insulation of the building, as well as to the installation of modern equipment for controlling the heat supply and maintaining the adequate interior temperature.

The draft Government Decision was endorsed by the relevant institutions, including experts hired by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and was finalized on the basis of objections and recommendations.

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