Chiril Gaburici: IT field of Moldova is very competitive

The IT field is a strategic one for our country and the IT industry form Moldova is very competitive.

"In 2018, the IT services market reached 154,4 million USD. A growth worth 262,26 million USD will be recorded by 2024", declared Chiril Gaburici, the minister of Economy and Infrastructure within the event of presenting the IT players from Moldova.


The survey was made by International Data Corporation, the world intelligence market leader. 

According to IDC data, the Moldova IT companies improve a vast range of internal american products from the EU in different fields, such as telecommunications, fin-tech, automotive, Cloud and big data.

"The IT market from Moldova becomes more and more stable. The experience gathered from all the continents shows that Moldova is very competitive in this field", said Ravan Savu, Senior Research Analyst, IDC Romania.

Also, IDC checked on the human resources that Moldova has in the IT field.

All the companies have both strong and weak points in this sense.


The Moldovan IT Players Priming for Worldwide Presence was realized by the International Data Corporation with the USAID and Sverige's support.


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