Chiril Gaburici: Digital education and competence is a priority in modern society

Today was signed Memorandum of Understanding on the development of digital education in general education among the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure, Ministry of Education, Culture and Research, National Association of ICT Companies and Public Institution ICT Training and Innovation Center - TEKWILL. The agreement involves supporting the development of digital didactic supports, supplying schools from Republic of Moldova with equipment necessary for the introduction of digital education in primary schools, increase interest and motivate pupils, by using interactive learning methods and modern ICT equipment, ensuring the quality and relevance of ICT skills for professional activity, in the conditions of a digital economy, by harmonizing ICT education in the Republic of Moldova with the current labor market requirements etc.

Minister of Economy and Infrastructure, Chiril Gaburici, who was present at the event, mentioned that at the moment, digital economy is becoming more popular and offers new business development opportunities, professional growth, improving welfare and offering new possibilities for engaging in economic processes for a larger number of people. The number of businesses in the ICT sector is constantly increasing, having reached in recent years a growth rate of 1 billion lei per year, reaching a share of over 12 billion lei in 2017. In the IT sector, the growth rate reached over 50% share per year.

"Digital education and competence is a priority in modern society, which must be competitive in global digital economy. IT is the future. I know this from first-hand experience. Without modern technologies, education cannot be adjusted to today's reality" Chiril Gaburici declared.

According Minister of Economy and Infrastructure, the joint initiative with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research to reform the concept of digital education in schools, as well as the non-profit project TwentyTU, recently launched by Tekwill, come to contribute to creating the preconditions so that, starting September 1, every first grader will have access to digital education, as well as offering additional courses that offers access and perspective for tomorrow's professions - IT training, entrepreneurism, software programming, artificial intelligence etc.

"I am glad that our idea is gaining shape and wish to thank all those who were implicated. We all believed, believe and are confident that this will happen - starting September 1, first graders will have access to digital education. I urge representatives of business environment, development partners to implicate, so that this project will continue to exist" Minister Chiril Gaburici said.

According to the Agreement, the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure will ensure inclusion of the Memorandum's aims in the policy documents and adjusting the necessary legislative framework, will offer assistance to implement ICT solutions in education and promote dialogue with local and foreign industries, development partners and donors, will support the public-private initiative in the field of digital education, project implemented by ICT in education and orientation of young people in ICT careers, will promote and support the implementation of the non-profit project TwentyTU, will promote projects of national digital leaning, to adjust studies to the digital economy's necessities, based on knowledge, efficient application of ICT in education.

The event was also attended by Minister of Education, Culture and Research, Monica Babuc, president of the National Association of ICT Companies,  Irina Străjescu and head of the Administrative Council of the Public Institution ICT Training and Innovation Center - TEKWILL, Viorel Bostan.

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