Chiril Gaburici at Fabrika: We will continue to improve the infrastructure of the country

Chiril Gaburici, the Minister of Economy and Infrastructure was today's guest of Fabrika talk show. The Minister of Economy talked abut the achievements of these years. Good roads for Moldova project, digital education, energetic security and so on.

This year, 1600 kilometers of road have been repaired and 2.600 more will be repaired in the next year.

"We have 7 priorities. I am proud that we have these beautiful achievements. We worked a lot to achieve this success. In 2018, we repaired 1.600 kilometers of road and we are planning to repair 2.600 more. We will start working on it in March. 

Starting 2009 until 2017, only 1.047 kilometers of road have been repaired. We managed to repair 1.600 kilometers of road in one year.

The mayors of these villages where we repaired the roads cooperated with us", said Chiril Gaburici.

We also registered a progress in exports. In 2016, the export to the EU was 65%, not it is 70%. Also, we signed Free Trade Agreements with EU and CSI countries.

"We were worried when the Russian market was closed for us. All the manufactures were worried. In 2016, the export destined to the EU was 65%, not it is 70%. The products are of a better quality now.

We signed free trade agreements with China, Turkey, CSI and EU countries. These agreements are an advance for us", said Chiril Gaburici.

The Minister of Economy also talked about Education. Thus, we have 35,370 pupils who benefit of digital education. Also, the IT parks have 300 companies, which mean 6.000 jobs.

"1.650 teachers received ipads, so 35.370 pupils benefit of digital education.

We have 300 companies in the IT parks which have 6.000 employees. The lowest salary is 23.000 lei. These companies registered themselves in January. What about the permissive acts, we reduced the number of these to 18.


We have an unique counter. This facilitate the activity of the entrepreneurs", said Chiril Gaburici.

On October 14, 2019, Arena Chisinau will be put into operation, and this is because construction works are taking place very fast. This was announced by Chiril Gaburici, who mentioned that it is also working in winter.

"Arena Chisinau, we have 8, 9% of the work is already done. I told you that by the end of this year, we will be able to go to the building site", said Chiril Gaburici.

The construction of the pipeline represents an alternative to supplying the internal gas market and will strengthen the energy security of the Republic of Moldova. Thus, by the end of 2019, we will have this functional duct. This was announced by the Minister of Economy and Infrastructure, Mr. Chiril Gaburici.

"The Transgaz project, an alternative to the existing situation. We have an understanding with Transgaz that we will have this functional pipeline by the end of 2019. We have done a great deal of work, so Transgaz colleagues, when building works begin, do not have no problem, no impediment.

They are now in the process of negotiating and bidding with partners to build the gas pipeline. It ensures that the gas flow to our pipeline is enough to be able to supply everything Moldova needs.

Advantage no. 1 - is an alternative source, 2 - provided another source, we have access to several suppliers and we will decide the best tariff.

What about electricity, we made the clear decision where we're moving. We will connect with the EU network, connecting us to the network with Romania. Based on these agreements, we will build the connection point between both countries and the power line that joins the south of Moldova with the center. This will happen in the next period. It is a very big project and we will work", concluded Gaburici.


The year 2019 is just as fruitful as this is because the projects for people will continue. Chiril Gaburici says he will continue to find new markets for our products, and our agricultural product will be of more value.

"We will continue with the infrastructure projects. It is important that the roads that unite the Republic of Moldova with the EU, with Romania, will be accomplished, we will continue with the First House, the programs for the people living outside the country, and we will continue to promote the Republic of Moldova. We want to add value to the agricultural product of the Republic of Moldova.

We want to create conditions. We will continue to find new markets for our products. We will try to increase the odds we have. IT is an important sequel and we want to bring great players into this field.

I have begun talks about an increase in Repubblica Moldova, starting with 9 figures. We need a setup that would help us do this", said Chiril Gaburici.

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