China to get vertical gardens in 2018 to help tackle pollution(PHOTO)

What’s the best way to deal with urban smog? Well, here’s an intriguing solution – vertical gardens that scale up buildings, says

Several such projects have already sprung up around the world, in places like Italy and Mexico. Now, an Italian architecture firm called Stefano Boeri Architetti is planning to build the first one in Asia, specifically in Nanjing, China.

The firm is planning to build two towers laden with greenery, known as a Vertical Forest or the Nanjing Green Towers, in Nanjing’s Pukou District. Due to be completed in 2018, the towers would be covered in 600 tall trees, 500 medium-sized trees, and 2,500 cascading plants and shrubs. In total, this would cover an area of 6,000 square meters (64,600 square feet).

“A real vertical forest that will help to regenerate local biodiversity, will provide 25 tons of CO2 absorption each year and will produce about 60 kg of oxygen per day,” the firm said in its statement.

The taller of the two towers would be 200 meters (656 feet) high, with a “green lantern” on top, offices, a museum, a private rooftop club, and a “green architecture school”. The second tower would be 108 meters (354 feet) tall, with a Hyatt hotel inside and a swimming pool on the rooftop. Nice.

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