Children with hearing impairment from No. 12 school organized charity concert "Allow me to hear you"

An emotional day for children with hearing impairment from No. 12 school from Chisinau. Pupils have organized a charity concert called "Allow me to hear you". Spectators were sitting tight, admiring the children's talent.

Over 90 children with hearing impairment sung for their gusts traditional songs and danced to them. The stage was also taken by siblings Anton and Daria Percic. All pupils suffer from hearing impairment since birth, but it does not stand in their way of enjoying every moment.

"I loved this concert. I always attend such events. I loved the dance and the songs. They were all great" pupil Anton Percic said.

"I am always emotional when children are on stage. I always try to help them and support them each time. They all did a great job" Oxana Percic said.

Some of the children have taken the stage along with some local singers. The entertainers claim that they were emotional and each time, they are happy to help at such events.

"I went on stage with an emotional tumor. I had no idea what will happen, how it will be, but after we sung together I must say, the little girl tore my soul" singer Kătălina Rusu said.

"Those children need help. Each time when I hear suggestions that we could participate, I willingly accept" singer Adriana Ochişanu said.

The children were showered with applauses.

Director of No. 12 school claims that such spectacles are akin to therapy for those children. 

"Our aim is to raise public awareness and promote children, but most important is the provision of ICT study rooms" director of No. 12 school, Nina Rusu said.

The charity concert "Allow me to hear you" marks its 3rd edition. The collected money will be used to purchase hearing aids for classrooms in the school.

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