Children of MIA staff to enjoy summer apart from parents

77 children of employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs will spend their summer vacation at the recreation and rehabilitation center of the cin Vadul lui Voda  between June 18 - 28, 2018, 

In this morning, the children together with the educators and the staff responsible for ensuring these summer activities, have farewell to their parents and have begun the big holiday.

For 10 days, they will be involved in various cultural, artistic, sporting and educational activities. The organization of these actions involves employees from all subdivisions.

The management of the Rehabilitation and Recreation Center of MIA will ensure throughout the summer season a good and healthy diet and comfortable accommodation conditions. The medical assistance will be given 24/24 by the specialist from the Medical Service of the MAI and the physical and sports education instructor, detached by CSC Dinam will organize several sports activities meant to ensure the physical development of the children, the team spirit and competition.

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