Children in foster care to receive daily stipend and holiday pay

Children aged over 10 years old in foster care will receive 10 lei daily stipend. Additionally, nearly 12 thousand children with special needs and adults with disabilities will receive 20 percent higher allowances.

This was announced by Minister of Health, Labor and Social Protection, Svetlana Cebotari, at a press conference.

Children cared by foster parents will also receive pay for 4 holiday, 100 lei on their birthdays and 70 lei for New Year's Eve and Easter.

"This provision will consolidate the material welfare of about 2,600 children left without parental care," said Minister of Health, Labor and Social Protection, Svetlana Cebotari, in the budget for the current year.

Allowance for people with special needs will be raised 20 per cent, informed officials of the Health Ministry. 

Accordingly, 27 thousand mature children with childhood disabilities and nearly 12 thousand children with health problems will receive higher allowance. 

Until now, they received monthly allowances amounting to 600 and 1200 lei, depending on the severity of the disability.

Starting from 2018, over 21,000 people with special needs will receive higher pensions in the next stages of evaluation. 

The allocations will increase by 280 lei a month, as a result of the increase of the consumer price index for last year.

Pensions for more than 130,000 elderly will each increase 300 lei. 


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