Children hospitalized for tear gas inhalation are discharged

Eight students of 6th and 8th grades were hospitalized for tear gas inhalation. The incident occurred during break time at school in Dişcova village, Orhei district. 

One of the eighth-grade children sprayed the gas into a space where 19 students were.

"Someone brought a balloon splashed through the class and the children were all affected."

Initially, only two of the students felt bad, then others felt worse as well.

"Two of them felt bad first, their faces change. He said he wanted to vomit. Gradually, more children had the same symptoms". 

Students received the necessary medical help and were discharged.

"They were examined. At the moment they don't need medical care", said Andrei Stratulat, head of the Orhei District Hospital.

The police opened an investigation in this case.

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