Children from boarding schools rejoice in Chisinau Christmas Fair

70 children from boarding schools in the country visited the Christmas Fair in Chisinau. The kids from Cărpineni and Ceadîr-Lunga are enjoying the carousel and ice-skating. 

They say they feel the real spirit of winter holiday especially when they receive gifts from Santa Claus. 

"It's really funny and exciting! This's my first time of ice skating".

"It's extraordinary! We will come more often!"

People don't hide their great gratitude and happiness in the Christmas holiday. 

"Good father, beloved mother, today is the right day to tell you what I want, to show you how I love you. I wish you first of all a new year with health."

"Very much await this day, see the ice rink, see the carousel, Santa Claus, happy with the presents," said Victor Mocanu, educator boarding school in Carpineni.

Four thousand children from socially vulnerable families will visit the Christmas House this year. All expense will be borne by the Government. 

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