Child abuse continues to be an active topic for authorities

Child abuse has became an active topic for authorities. Ministry of Education, along with Ministry of Internal Affairs and Ministry of Health will hold today a briefing on the subject.

They will present data regarding the number of abused children and will speak of preventive methods. Publika TV will live broadcast the meeting.

This subject has attracted attention, after the case of sexually abused pupil from boarding school No 3 from the Capital came to light.  

Supposedly, the 14-year-old orphan was introduced to his abuser by the school's director, who was rewarded for it. Moreover, authorities have managed to discover that children were physically abused there by employees for disobedience. 

Prosecutors are investigating the case for torture. At the same time, they have shown the frightful numbers, of over 100 cases in 2016, of children being sexually abused. 

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