Child abandoned in apartment block: Police obtained video that shows its mother

Police have identified a woman who could be the mother of the child abandoned last week in an apartment building lobby. They said they obtained a video which shows the mother, without offering further details. 

The representatives of the Buiucani Police Inspectorate say they can't publicize this video for now. 

Meanwhile, the baby is feeling well and remains hospitalized at the Municipal Clinical Hospital no. 1.

"If possible, we will transfer him to a Placement Center that is subordinated to the Municipal Directorate. If the mother is identified, we will try to reintegrate the child into the biological family. Otherwise, we will see how the child is and then will carry out the adoption procedure", said Lucia Caciuc, the head of the Directorate for the Protection of the Rights of the Child.

Last Thursday, a baby of almost a month old was found in a stroller, in the lobby of an apartment building in the Buiucani district of Chisinau. 

A criminal case was launched and the child's parents risk up to 4 years of imprisonment, because they endangered the child's life. 


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