Chief of Civil Aeronautic Authority, Mircea Maleca, has resigned at prime minister request

Director of the Civil Aeronautical Authority, Mircea Maleca, has resigned at the request of the prime minister Pavel Filip. The prime minister has invoked as reason the conflict of interests.

"It is proposed the resignation of Mircea Maleca from the position as director of the Civil Aeronautical Authority. I have to admit that I requested the resignation of Mircea Maleca, starting from the fact that there are some suspicions on a possible conflict of interests" said the prime minister.

The media had written previously that Maleca might have been promoting the interests of a private air company, to the disadvantage of the country’s interests.

According to the portal, Mircea Maleca might have a part in the company promoted by him, and which started to operate flights since the beginning of this month.

The company was registered in the fall of 2015, and one of the founders is the former father-in-law of Mircea Maleca.

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