Chicks and ducklings are sold in the Capital's poultry market

People have gathered in the Capital's poultry market. The first chicks were put up for sale. The prices range from 5 to 35 lei.

This year, prices for ducklings increased by 3 lei, now amounting to 37 lei.

Sellers offer their customers various species of chicken, from local, to French and Hungarians, claiming that all birds are vaccinated:

"We always offer our contact number and food, the proportion they should be fed, how and so on, the chicks can become ill very fast if their food is suddenly changed."

A woman came to the market with 100 ducklings, which were all sold within an hour.

"Many people leave to the village and try to take something with them. Once the weather warms up, the ducklings are sold very fast."

Mişcoi spouses from Dubăsari district purchased 60 2-month-old chicks. Their price were of 34 lei per bird, but the two claim that the money are worth it:

"We bought from that man before and the chicks are always healthy."

Another woman came all the way from Nisporeni to purchase 100 chicks:

"I prepared everything, we are ready to go. We are purchasing them for our grandchildren, great grandchildren and children."

People claim that the prices are reasonable.

"I believe the prices for a small chick to be good."

This year, chicks were sold on the markets much later in the year, due to the snow that fell in March.

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