Charlie and the Chocolate Factory of Moldova (Photoreport)

Chocolate comes to life, in the hands of Moldovan Valentin Tabacari. He uses his inspiration and imagination to create something both beautiful and delicious. He masterfully does various figurines from chocolate, and as winter holidays are getting closer, the confectioner barely manages to cope with orders.

Valentin Tabacari is an IT specialist by profession, but a journey made him start a delicious deal.

"I make chocolate lipsticks and they look perfect, especially when I cover them with paint, bottles of nail polish, ponies, tulips from chocolate" , explained Valentin.

His chocolate collection has a patriotic soul: "First, I wrote the word "Moldova" on our products. Secondly, we make most known and loved things about Moldova: the monument of Stefan the Great; Arch of Triumph.."

The prices come from a few tens to a few hundred lei. The chocolate figurines can be purchased in some stores in the capital, and directly from the baker.

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