Changes on organization and activity of rescuers and firemen territorial posts approved by Government

The Ministers' cabinet approved a series of legislative changes on the organization and activity of rescuers and firefighters territorial posts and the increase of anti-fire security in residential sector.

According to the new provisions, the rescuers and firefighters territorial post is a public institution which is offering services in order to liquidate consequences of emergency situations and of fires and ensures the primary intervention until the arrival of basic forces of the attested rescuers and firefighters service.

The staff of the posts is composed of both employees and volunteers and has intervention equipment and special technical tools.

In present, on the territory of Moldova, from the account of local budgets, are already created 26 territorial posts of rescuers and firemen.

Also, will be applied a range of measures for the increase of security of citizens at their workplace by preventing the cased of poisoning with burning toxic products.

In this regard, the document establishes the obligations of the provider of natural gases and of the owners of houses in the protection against fire. Among them are: the exploitation of recipients with liquefied gas in conformity with the normative documents in force, the assurance of good-functioning of the installations and heating equipment, the yearly evaluation of the chimneys and of ventilation channels before the start of the cold season.

At the same time, the fulfillment of the protection measures against fire will be controlled by physical and legal persons trained accordingly and attested by the commission specialized in the field, created within the Department of rescuers and firemen of the Civil Protection and Emergency Situations Service.

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