Change for the better. Over HALF A MILLION people signed to support UNINOMINAL VOTING SYSTEM

Until a week ago, over half a million signatures in support of change of electoral system were collected. The project on the uninominal voting system was registered in Parliament and sent for approval to the Venice Commission.

The collection of signatures in favor of changing the electoral system continues.

Over half a million Moldovans have already signed for the uninominal voting system, and people continue coming and signing at the tens installed in the country.  They say that reform means a change for the better.

People are informed about all aspects of this reform at the tents for collecting signatures. Therefore, the Anenii Noi residents say that the benefits of the single vote are obvious.

Causeni town people have signed in favor of the initiative. They believe that the uninominal voting system is the path to stability and progress.

According to the latest polls, almost 80 percent of our country's citizens want the uninominal voting system and in the Diaspora this percentage is even higher.

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