Champions' adventure in Moldova is over. French football players have been spent by hundreds of fans

The adventure of the champions in Moldova ended today at noon when the French plane took off to Paris. And not so much, but spent by hundreds of fans and supporters, gathered both in front of the hotel and the airport to see in the flesh and bones the best football players in the world. 

Around 13:00, when the French players left the hotel, they were expected by over 200 Moldovan and French fans. Players jumped into the coach, without splitting autographs.

He was more receptive to the blue coach, who was photographed by Moldovan people. 

Dozens of fans, most children, waited for the world champions and the airport. 

"I like the French team, and I like the players. I liked yesterday how they played." 

"I really liked Griezmann's first goal and I would very much like an autograph from Mbappe." 

Finally, some of the supporters were rewarded with autographs. Before joining the plane, some French players, including PSG star Kylian Mbappé, left autographs on several balls, shirts and photos. 

The national team of France took off from Chisinau International Airport around 14:00.

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