Chairman of National Confederation of Trade Union, on uninominal voting system: It will increase democracy

The uninominal voting system will ensure healthy competition between candidates for deputy chairs and introduction of electoral system will end the fake promises of politicians. This opinion is shared by unions, which adopted a declaration, which says that the election of deputies in constituencies will strengthen the dialogue between elected representatives and citizens.

Unionists believe that the uninominal vote is a real opportunity for the younger generation to promote independent policy.

"First elected officials will be closer to people. We, among trade unions and primary organizations can move submit people who can enter the Parliament" , said Oleg Budza President of the National Confederation of Trade Unions.

President of the union says that the uninominal voting system will ensure healthy competition between candidates for deputy. The representatives of National Confederation of Trade Unions say that citizens will have the possibility to control the deputies in the Parliament.

"It will enhance democracy and will be seen people who deserve to be in the supreme body which is called the Moldovan parliament. If he does not do what he promised to do, the citizen can recall him" , said Oleg Budza.

The uninominal voting system means the direct election of deputies to Parliament. Citizens will have to choose between several candidates, not several party lists. Moreover, they can dismiss deputies from office if they do not fulfill their obligations. The uninominal voting system is used in most important democracies of the world, including the UK, France and USA.
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