Central Electoral Commission repudiated speculation on alleged electoral frauds

Central Electoral Commission has declared about information published in some media on alleged election fraud by stamping ballots.  

By contacting members of electoral office of polling station no 25/5 Chisinau, they informed that they were in process of counting ballots and concluding results. According to the electoral procedure, "Cancel" stamp was applied on unused ballots, then they started counting. 

According to the minutes of conclusion of elections, 725 citizens with voting rights elected in polling station no. 25/5 Chisinau. 5444 ballots were distributed to this office for parliamentary elections and referendum. Unused 2544 ballots remained and were applied "Cancel" stamps. 

Moreover, the polling station no. 1/40 which was referred before, does not exist. 

We repeatedly ask media institutions not to distribute false, unverified information that can create confusion and uncertainty among voters.


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