Cemeteries were filled today with thousands of people who went to visit the graves of their beloved ones

Cemeteries from the country were filled today with thousands of people who went to visit the graves of people dear to them.

This year, on the graves from Saint Lazarus cemetery was laid out a feast.

"May God rest his soul."

"We came to remember our late relatives. A cup of wine for their soul and some alms, made out of a napkin, cup, plate and that's all. We did not came to party. At home we stay with the family at a table."

"I brought here sarma, meat, tsoureki, eggs, everything we had. We gave away some tsoureki, plates, candies, socks and cookies."

Gypsies though, respected their own traditions and brought duck, lamb, fish, we well as best beverages:

"We brought everything God gifted us with. The boy buried here would have been 29-year-old, he was in an accident. We brought meat, vegetables, alcohol."

Those who went abroad, returned to commemorate their relatives who are no longer alive.

"Wife, son and all relatives, aunts, daughters. All those who are abroad. No matter where we are, we always return to our parents."

Priests urge people to be more modest when visiting the cemetery.

"What must we bing to the graves? -First of all yourself, prayers, a sincere greeting toward the deceased. When you wish to offer alms, it must be something that people need for their lives, food or clothes."

The cemetery was filled with priests, but some Christians claim that among God's servants also sneaked some frauds.

"A priest came by a while ago, I did not like him at all. The second priest was nicer, you can see that he is a person who truly believe in God."

"We always address to a priest we know well. We heard that there are also some fakes."

Holidays were also enjoyable for beggars.

"Any help is of much appreciated. Food, towels, pots. I do not wish to be rich, but I ask for maybe one leu."

"I gathered 20 lei. Not many wish to give me money. I came here from 7 o'clock and managed to gather tsoureki, candies, maybe someone will give me something."

Through the day, five children were found in Saint Lazarus cemetery by patrol officers. Law enforcement warn people to be more careful with their children in crowded places.

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