CEC will register today first electoral contestants of the national constituency

The Central Electoral Commission will register today the first electoral contestants in the national constituency. Last week, five parties applied for registration in the race, and after the draw, the first on the ballot will be the Democratic Party, followed by the binomial PAS-PPDA, PCRM and PSRM. 

The most recent polls show that the electoral race's favorites are PSRM, DPM and the Sandu-Nastase binomial.

Democrats register the largest increase in voter preferences. At the same time, the CEC enrolled two participants in the consultative referendum, which will take place on the same day as the parliamentary elections.

It's about DPM and PCRM. At the plebiscite, people will have to say whether they agree to reduce the number of MEPs from 101 to 61 and whether the mandate of elected representatives who do not fulfill their commitments can be withdrawn.

The February 24th vote will take place on the basis of the mixed voting system. Moreover, 50 deputies will be elected as before, on party lists, and 51 - directly by the people, in uninominal constituencies, in one round.

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