CEC approved the Regulation regarding the financing of the electoral campaigns of electoral competitors

The Central Election Commission has approved the Regulation regarding the financing of the electoral campaigns of the electoral competitors.

According to the Regulation, the political parties and the electoral blocks that have nominated candidates for the local elections open a single bank account with the mention 'Electoral fund' and propose for registration at the CEC a person in charge of finances.

All the financial means of the candidates will be managed through this account. In the electoral campaign, the political parties that have nominated candidates in elections have the right to accept donations only directly on the 'Electoral Fund' account.

'The general state ceiling for financial means which can be transferred to the 'Electoral Fund' account constitutes 0.05% of the revenues stipulated in the state budget law for that year. The maximum ceiling for each constituency is determined by CEC by multiplying the established coefficient by the Commission with the number of voters in the respective constituency. The coefficient is calculated by dividing the general ceiling of the financial means in the country by the total number of voters in the country. To finance the election campaigns, can be used only financial resources from the employee's activity as an entrepreneur, scientist or creative, carried out by the citizens of the Republic of Moldova, both on the country's territory and abroad', the regulation states.

In the Regulation is also indicated that the individual persons have the right to donate to the electoral competitor up to six monthly average salaries per economy per year, and legal entities, up to 12 average monthly salaries per economy for that year. In the case of citizens with incomes obtained abroad, the donation ceiling may not exceed three average monthly salaries per economy per year. For the new Parliamentary elections, until the expiry of the mandate of the Parliament of the X legislature, including those of October 20, the provisions of the Regulation regarding the financing of electoral campaigns, approved by the decision of the Central Election Commission of May 4, 2015, will apply.

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