CEC announces time for second round of Chisinau mayor election

Central Electoral Commission (CEC) has established June 3 for  the second round of elections for the mayor of Chisinau. 

The voters will have to choose between two candidates who have obtained the highest number of votes in the first round:

· Ceban Ion from the Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova - 91,575 votes or 40.53%.

· Nastase Andrei from the Dignity and Truth Party - 71,803 votes or 31,78%.

Also today, the CEC examined the financial reports of the electoral contestants in the new local elections, on May 18, 2018.

As a result of the verification, it was found that the following parties had complied with the provisions of the Electoral Code and the Regulation on the Financing of Campaigns electoral parties: ȘOR party, Partidul Nostru party, PAS party, Casa Noastră – Moldova party, DA party, Democratic Party, National Unity Party, Socialist party, the Political Party The People's Party of Moldova, the National Liberal Party.

The Commission warned the Russian-Slavean Party of Moldova and the Democracy Home Political Party for failing to present the report on the incomes and expenses of the electoral campaign on 18 May 2018, forcing them to submit the report within 2 days.

Also in today's meeting, CEC prolonged the removal from the permanent job of some members of the electoral council of the municipal electoral district Chisinau no. 1 and adopted several decisions to award councilor mandates in some district, town, village (communal) councils.

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