CEC announced when parties can register to participate at referendum

The parties and the electoral blocks that will participate at the campaign for the referendum can already apply the requests at the Central Election Commission, starting December 26. The folders can be applied until January 24. Such a decision has been approved by CEC today.

The election campaign says that all the 46 political parties can participate at the referendum. The citizens will reply to two questions: 1. If they want to reduce the number of deputies from 101 to 61 and the 2nd: if they agree to withdraw the mandates of the deputies that don't obey their duties.

"The registration of the participants will start on December 26. The election campaign will start since the parties register", said Alina Rusu, CEC President.

The initiative to organize this referendum belongs to the Democratic party from Moldova. The socialists and the communists announced that they are against this referendum. At the same time, CEC published the map of the 51 constituencies.

"The citizens can learn the decision of the Government by entering the official page of CEC, inclusively voteaza.md. The constituencies have been approved by the Republic of Moldova Government", said Alina Rusu, CEC President.

The parliamentary elections that will take place on February 24 will be organize regarding a mixed voting system: 50 deputies will be chosen on party list and 51 by citizens on constituencies.

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