CEC announced how students and pupils entitled to vote can participate in presidential elections

At the election of the President of Moldova on October 30, students and pupils entitled to vote enrolled in educational institutions in a non-resident town, can vote as follows:

1. presenting on election day at the polling station where he resides with a valid identity document. If voting residence is  valid, they will vote at a polling station in whose jurisdiction they reside.

2. to declare their new place of residence not later than until September 29th, at mayor' office (if Chisinau) to be enrolled in the electoral list of the polling station corresponding to the stay. The statement is submitted personally by the applicant upon presentation of ID with second sheet in original and copy. After filing, individuals will be included in the electoral list of basic polling station to vote.

3. If you fail to declare the new place of residence, voters may address to the electoral residences or valid residence to take a certificate for voting, which allows another vote in any polling station. This procedure will be valid from October 10 to 29 this year. In the certificate for voting on election day, citizens are part of the supplement list and the certificate remains in office and is attached to the supplementary list.

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